Grey Street meets Sophie Boldog

Grey Street meets Sophie Boldog

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  • How would you describe A journey home cards, for those who don't know the project yet?

The Journey Card Set is designed to be your companion on your spiritual self-exploration journey. With 40 cards, it highlights various mindfulness practices and encourages introspection through reflection questions, inviting you to dive deep within and explore the many layers of yourself. 

This set includes a leaflet, a playlist to help you get into the mood, and a total of 40 cards, categorised into three distinct sections: In the blue/ground section, you'll discover tools that facilitate grounding and a deep connection with the present moment. With the yellow/rise cards, we guide you towards connecting with high-vibrational emotions, letting you see the magic within and around. The red/deepen cards invite you to delve deep within yourself, and help you to shed what is no longer serving you. To deepen your experience, we suggest enriching the inner exploration with cacao or a mild sacred mushroom microdose.

  • How did the concept come about? Can you tell us a little about the people behind the idea? 

The idea came about after many years of spiritual self-exploration, including research, multiple vipassana retreats, sacred plant medicine explorations, conventional therapy, alternative therapy, energy work - the list goes on and on. There are so many ways to explore yourself and pierce through the layers of knowing. So after all this self-exploration work (which is a journey that lasts a lifetime, because we are constantly becoming and unbecoming) I decided to take the path to become a mindfulness-based self-exploration coach and sacred mushroom advocate. I wondered how nice it would be to fuse these different elements together and create a little toolkit for people who are looking for inspiration, nudges and practices to deepen the relationship they have with themselves while being in a slightly altered state of consciousness. 

At its essence, this concept is not just a practical solution but is driven by an authentic aspiration to enhance the journey inwards for others, to nudge to go deeper and peel the onion, connect with the present moment, reawaken the childlike wonder and utilise the sacred mushroom for its profound power to travel inwards. This conviction led to the decision to materialize the idea into tangible, user-friendly cards. 

The collaboration with my dear friend and exceptionally talented artist, Lucas, added a unique dimension to the project. The cards transcended their functional purpose, evolving into small art pieces that include meaningful questions, exercises, or quotes. These elements are purposefully designed to inspire, remind, or guide users back to themselves. 

  • What part did you enjoy the most about bringing this project to life?

The creative element of co-creating with other creative spirits, experimenting with the exercises and talking hours and hours about the questions and our insights and learnings as well as connecting with other people about the card set and creating events to bring these mini rituals to life. 

  • What is the most valuable learning you have had on this journey so far as an artist, entrepreneur and person?

I went into this project incredibly naive not knowing what will await me on this path, so many lessons, so many insights, so much expansion and so many moments that humbled me to my core. The entire journey as it unfolds is for me a is continuum of self-exploration, expansion and unraveling. Starting a business is truly a spiritual experience since it requires you to learn how to surrender, and trust the process while taking inspired action. Birthing something and seeing people enjoy what you create made me realise that we truly are creators. 

  • Any advice from your personal experience for people just starting their microdosing journey ?

Anyone who hears the calling to experiment with sacred mushrooms should approach this journey with respect and intentionality. What do I mean by respect? Educate yourself, learn about the different protocols and stacking options, know your substance and use the medicine in a set and setting that makes you feel comfortable. The truth is, microdosing has many benefits but it is not for everyone. Especially not for people who have a personal or family history of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. 

There is a lot of debate around whether a microdose should be sub-perceptual (meaning you should not feel anything) or whether you should feel a slight elevation, and this is smth for each individual to decide for themselves based on what their intention is. So why is intentionality important - you can use a microdosing protocol for many, many things since there are many, many benefits. So knowing what your focus is, or even if it is just to see how it makes you feel, or if it is to connect more deeply with yourself and use the A Journey Home Card Set, it is important that you track the progress and are ready to adjust and experiment as you go. If you are completely new to this world it can also make sense to work with a coach to help you get started. Happy to assist here or point towards other coaches - depending on needs and requirements. 

May your journey inwards bring you closer to your heart. 

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