Grey Street meets Carlota and Oriol, the souls behind Matímañana.

Grey Street meets Carlota and Oriol, the souls behind Matímañana.

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Between wood and ceramics in the Grey Street Blog we present the project of two souls who bring a unique warmth and craftsmanship to the world: Matímañana.


1. Oriol and Carlota, we want to get to know you better! Where do you come from? What is your zodiac sign? And your favorite color?

We were born and raised in Barcelona, although 12 years ago we decided to look for a quieter environment. Also with the intention of starting the Matimañana project. Now we live in Montseny, 50 km from Barcelona.

We are both Aries, and as for the favorite color, the truth is that it is a bit complicated to choose just one. It depends on the time of the year and what we want to relate it to. There are so many shades that selecting a single color seems very complicated. Perhaps the greenish chromatic that evolves into a lemon or orange in a state of degradation, or the yellows, greens and grays generated by the lichens in the vegetation, are shades that we find fascinating and beautiful.

2. Matímañana is a very curious name for a project, where did the idea come from? Is there a story behind it?

Yes, of course there is a story behind this name. "de matí mañana" is an Ebrenca word, an expression widely used in the lands of the Ebro. Considered a barbarism, it refers to the fact of getting up very early to do something useful first thing in the morning.

The fusion of the two languages, Catalan and Spanish, to emphasize the action, added to the significant, graphic and sonorous poetics, seemed to us good arguments to use it as a proper name for this producer of objects. The whole family on the father's side (Oriol) comes from this area, and we thought it was nice to make a small tribute to this territory with which we feel very identified.


3. We see that wood is a recurring material in Matímañana, what does this material mean to you? Is there any special concept or symbolism behind it?

We have always had a predilection for natural materials, especially wood and ceramics.

They bring a unique warmth to objects, even more so if we have to interact with them directly. Touching them, caressing them, sharing good moments... Wood is very pleasant to work with and grateful, there are so many varieties that we try to find the most suitable according to the needs of each object. Always respecting a correct exploitation and demanding from our suppliers certificates that guarantee its origin.

4. We love Matímañana's cups, what comforting drink would we find in Carlota's cup? And in Oriol's?

I alternate black tea or rooibos (Oriol), depending on the moment. Carlota is more of a green or chai tea person. We both love yerba luisa, it is very relaxing and comforting, we drink it very often.


5. Do you recommend a book and a movie? 

Here something similar happens to us as with colors. Depending on the era in which we have lived they have been changing. Each age has a book and a movie, and choosing one seems impossible. Now I'm starting (Oriol) Diatomea, by Núria Perpinya, which I find very interesting considering the times and the global uncertainty that surrounds us. Mr. Vertigo by Paul Auster (Carlota), I read it years ago and it captivated me, it is a very original story set in the twenties and thirties in New York, with curious and endearing characters. 

A movie? Buff... how difficult. "Only Lovers Left Alive" by Jim Jarmusch. We saw it a few years ago but we loved the atmosphere that is created in many moments of the film, and Tilda Swinton is fantastic.

6. How long does it take from idea, to sketch, to creation, to product release? 

It's not a quick process, quite the contrary. Having a workshop allows us to prototype and we consider it essential to spend some time with our creations, to incorporate them in our daily life in order to analyze their use, ergonomics, aging, relationship with the environment. For us it is very important to offer objects that age well, both aesthetically and functionally. Giving them time is necessary to evaluate these aspects.

7. Where in the world would you like to travel to gather ideas and inspiration? 

For years we have been talking about visiting Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam... We hope to fulfill this dream someday.


Thank you Carlota and Oriol for so much inspiration and authenticity

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