How to Prepare for a Conscious Christmas

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How to Prepare for a Conscious  Christmas

With the Christmas season ever so closer, organizing and planning your time and activities with your loved ones can get a bit overwhelming. So, to get you all in tune with the Xmas spirit, we’ve summarized some easy eco-friendly tips to help you prepare for a conscious Christmas - without becoming the family’s grinch!

1. Buy locally - keep your carbon footprint down and invest in small businesses this year when purchasing for your loved ones!


2. Try recycling newspaper for gift wrapping!


3. DIY cards or E-Cards are an excellent alternative!


4. Here at Grey we support a vegan lifestyle due to the mega positive affect it has on the environment - and without forgetting, we have no tolerance for cruelty towards animals - so no meat for us. But, bearing in mind that we understand that going vegan isn’t appealing to everyone - try to keep meat on a low with this year’s preparations by getting creative with the Xmas dishes, nothing quite beats an unexpected veggie dish. 


5. Find an alternative for your Xmas tree - this we know is a huge step and could potentially set off a family row… but bear in mind that neither producing and cutting down real trees, as well as manufacturing plastic trees are a good take on the environment.


6. Have a crafty Xmas - from edible decor to getting creative with fruit peels and pine cones - you can create a cosy and Christmassy environment with your own two hands!


So, with enough said, have a wonderful Christmas and take care of each other!


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