Grey Street meets Dane, the Creator behind Bundu & Bison

Grey Street meets Dane, the Creator behind Bundu & Bison

So! If you’re working towards building a more ethical closet, then we’ve got the interview just for you…


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

Hello! My names Dane, South African born. Cape Town to be exact. Greatest city in the history of the universe ;-)

I own & run a sustainable streetwear label based here in Barcelona & around Spain when we hit the road for some months of the year.

What’s your background?
Plenty to spill, but regarding this topic, I am from a pretty creative forward background. I wasn’t much for school, academics or working for anybody. As a teenager I would sell bootleg skating tees using a HP printer and a iron, and then that escalated into me designing outerwear - which went very badly haha. But continued to push, and now here we are :-)

Is there anything exciting your currently working on and happy to share with us?
Yes - currently we are working on the most exciting project so far in my opinion. Sourcing grade B vintage sportswear from around Europe & USA and making caps out of them - giving them a brand new lease on life. Increasing longevity before they hit landfills or the incinerator. Read up on the unlimited benefits of buying vintage / used clothes or benefits of repurposing in general.

How do you seek out new opportunities?
I think for the most part the opportunities have presented themselves, rather than me looking. If you clearly and honestly carry passion a for something, the flood gates open up. Slowly in some cases, but they open up.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

What’s an account we should be following?
@bundu_and_bison for vintage re-makes
@roots_bk for rare vintage headwear
@foxvintagewholesale to get you in the game 
Any other recommendations?
your ass to Grey Street stat.


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