The Singular Olivia El Tarot Singular - Deck and Guide
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The Singular Olivia El Tarot Singular - Deck and Guide
The Singular Olivia

The Singular Olivia El Tarot Singular - Deck and Guide

€58,90 Incl. tax
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78 Tarot cards. Instructions and container box with magnet. Read more.

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Product description

In these letters you will not find the winning lottery number, but a set of ideas, situations and archetypes that invite you to take perspective on any subject so that through them you can discover its power as a meditation tool helping you to understand and reflect. to make the right decisions.

Tarot cards are an extraordinary invention. You can believe in them or not, you can use them to be captivated by all their details or consider them as a game... But if you're a bit suspicious, it won't be difficult for you to discover everything they have to tell you.

Will I know how to use it?:  Yes, in addition to the cards you will find instructions and an interpretation guide, it will be very easy for you to start consulting and playing with it. Reading the tarot is a very old meditation exercise that is useful for all kinds of people but is especially useful for people with creative or artistic responsibilities, although in reality today we have to make a thousand decisions and that is where our Tarot can help you. connect with your intuition.

The philosophy on which we rely is on cards as a historical tool to play, ask, think and solve based not on religions, or complicated rituals, or schools of thought of dubious ethics, we have the firm belief that magic is in oneself and we need to ask ourselves, listen to ourselves and find the tools that guide us through our own feelings and hunches.

Through its characters, its archetypes and the situations that arise in the tarot we can solve many questions and it will help us make decisions more clearly. In addition, the finishes that we have designed, their quality, the beauty of the entire project itself make it a cult object that will surely occupy a privileged place on your desk, coffee table and special spaces dedicated to yourself.

Format and Use:

78 tarot cards that include the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Marseille and Spanish decks: Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords.

Luxury edition box with gold stamping. Instruction manual and recommendations. It is not wrapped, we want to avoid plastic as much as we can.

It contains an inner cardboard for the purpose of protecting the deck, designed not to use plastics and designed to be ecofriendly. As its function is protection, it cushions all the weight of the cards and is not claimable for aesthetic purposes, as it is a piece designed to protect the deck during transport. 

We designed the box so that, in addition to the deck, it can contain your essential oils, minerals, candles, notebook, pen... and everything you want to put there to have close by when you consult.

Box measurements: 14 x 5.5 x 18 cm.

Measurements of each card: 9 x 12.5cm.


There are many historical figures who have declared themselves fascinated by the mystery of the cards and who have recognized their use for various purposes, from Queen Elizabeth I of England to Carl Gustav Jung, father of modern psychology. Eminences like Friedrich Nietzsche, writers like Sylvia Plath, William Butler Yeats, Emily Dickinson, Hermann Hesse, Pamela Lyndon Travers, (creator of Mary Poppins), Shirley Jackson, Jorge Luis Borges or Philip K. Dick, including artists like Leonora Carrington, Salvador Dalí, (who came to create his own deck), or more current such as Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Alanis Morrisette, Lady Gaga or JK. Rowling. Even not so long ago that in Silicon Valley, the world mecca of new technologies, Facebook and Microsoft included tarot readings in their annual conventions.

The Brand:

The Singular Olivia

After more than a year of work and study together with the illustrator Laura Pacheco and Estudio Marina Goñi, the Singular Tarot finally comes to light. A deck of 78 Tarot cards designed exclusively for The Singular Olivia, presented in a box designed to be a decorative object, with inside instructions that include meanings of the cards and instructions to be able to read the cards yourself even if you don't have experience and surprise yourself by solving doubts connecting in a very special way with your intuition.




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The Singular Olivia El Tarot Singular - Deck and Guide
The Singular Olivia
El Tarot Singular - Deck and Guide
78 Tarot cards. Instructions and container box with magnet.
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