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Potions - Lunar Eye Contour Oil (15 ml)

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Lunar Eye Contour Oil by Potions BCN
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Potions - Lunar Eye Contour Oil (15 ml)

What is it? A roll-on with roses infused in sweet almond oil *, pure rose essential oil *, pink Himalayan salt and organic vitamin E. *. Softens, repairs, reaffirms, conditions and moisturizes the delicate area around the eyes, protecting it from external damage.

What is it for? Use it as an eye contour treatment and prevent dark circles and bags. Sweet almond oil is an oil very rich in vitamins (E, B6) and nutrients. It has moisturizing properties and is not comedogenic (that is, it does not clog pores). The skin absorbs it very easily and removes dead and dry cells by expelling them from the pores. There is a quite important genetic factor as far as dark circles are concerned, but sleeping the necessary hours reducing stress, following a good diet and being consistent with this product, you can get to appreciate a great improvement. The texture and consistency of this oil is very similar to that of the natural oil of your skin, so it absorbs it very well without any fat. It moisturizes the tissue, reduces inflammation and provides vitamin E along with other nutrients to lighten and firm the dark and swollen skin located under the eyes. An additional advantage is that it reaffirms the skin around the eyes to reduce wrinkles and expression lines, such as laugh lines.

How is it used? Use the roll on to give a massage under and around your eyes (making eights) every night before sleeping with a clean face. Then, with your fingers, make gentle movements so that the area absorbs the product well, applying as little pressure as possible to avoid damaging this delicate area.

How long is the treatment? Usually, two weeks are enough to notice a significant improvement, but if not, be sure to rest a week between every two of treatment. This rejuvenates skin cells and prevents excessive accumulation of fat. Once your dark circles have shrunk, be sure to take care of yourself to keep them from coming back. Skin type Suitable for all skin types, including mature, delicate or dry skin. Note You can store it in the fridge so that it retains all its properties for longer.

INCI: Prunus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil *, Rosa damascena (Rose) flower oil, Rosa damascena (Rose) buds, Sodium chloride (Pink himalayan salt), Natural fragrance & Tocopherol (Vitamin E, from sunflower oil).

* bio / ecocert.

Paraben Free
Cruelty Free

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