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Elixir Bio - Guasha Bs Green Aventurine H Pro

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Gua Sha Green Aventurine by Elixir Bio
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Elixir Bio - Guasha Bs Green Aventurine H Pro

Ancestral treatment in Chinese Medicine.

The technique of Gua sha is simple to use, effective, agile and easy: it involves scraping the skin. Therapeutic treatment. Professional or private use.

Result: heal and improve the body, releasing toxins through rubbing and stimulation of circulation.

The term comes from the word "Gua" which means "scrape" and the word "Sha" which means "toxins".

The goal of massage is to release these toxins through the mobilization of fluids to cure a discomfort, enhancing the effects thanks to the properties of the mineral.

BODY TREATMENT: First the skin is lubricated with an oil, then the scraping is practiced in areas chosen according to the condition to be treated, respecting the direction of the meridians and energy channels. In areas where there are problems, dark red spots appear indicating the presence of energy obstructions. Where there are no problems, the skin will only have a pinkish hue or nothing. It is not a pleasant or painful technique, however the spots disappear in a few days. The ailments treated are several: headaches, muscle tension and pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, blood and lymphatic circulation, insomnia, exhaustion and fatigue ...

-Stimulate the immune system and detoxify it.
-Improve lympho-blood circulation.
-Refirm the tissues.
-Reduce fat adipocytes: effective anti-cellulite massage.
-Regulate the organs and their functions.
-Remove pain quickly.
-Revitalize and regenerate.
-To make stress and fatigue disappear.

-Transmits positive energy, promotes relaxation, regeneration and rest
-Power the creativity
-Clean all impurities and negativities
-Increase and improve concentration
-It is ideal for meditation because it induces inner peace, calming the mind, spirit and body
-It is an excellent channeler of positive energies and vibrations
-It has anti-inflammatory effects
-It is highly recommended to use it in moments of altered emotional states or situations of irregularity or imbalance.

After the treatment of Gua Sha it is essential to drink water, to eliminate waste substances.

* Contraindications: Hemophilia / boils / skin diseases / acne / thrombosis / Cintron / varicose veins / very recent scars

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